Your Trusted Technical Partner

Green Touch as a System Integrator

Green Touch offers many services in two forms, Task Based Services and Project Based Services of Professional Services to integrate both Software and Hardware into an overarching structure that will achieve or surpass the business objectives, and that covers the whole service lifecycle in both Operational and Security aspects.

1. Consultation

Gathering data and presenting actionable solutions depending on the business case.

Effective consulting is about gathering data and presenting actionable solutions that help businesses fulfill their needs, implement solutions, and innovate by studying the business case and proposing a suitable solution.

2. Development

Preparing proposed solutions to be installed within the business environment.

The development phase is about preparing the proposed solutions able to be used within the business environment depending on the outputs of the business case study to get the planned goals.

3. Supply

Making developed solutions and pre-requested items available for installation.

The supply phase is the process of getting required planned resources to be available and ready wherever and whenever they are requested for use in the installation phase.

4. Installation

Getting proposed solutions worked within the business environment.

The installation phase is the process of making the developed solutions integrated with the required resources properly together to be ready for use within the business environment.

5. Operation & Maintenance

Ongoing evaluation and taking actions but no closing.

It is about ensuring the continuity of the system is working through ongoing assessments, taking suitable actions to keep the system up, and verifying the people who use it are qualified to use it.